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best small fictionsDan Gilmore's story Happiest White Black Man Alive was recently selected by the Pulitzer prize winning author, Robert Olen Butler, to appear in Best Small Fictions 2015. The same story was nominated by Serving House Journal for a Pushcart prize.


"I see your poem (Ugly Things) as yet another fine demonstration – and in such an awesome way — of the power of poetry to shift our perspective and thus literally, to change our world. Both on the personal level and on the global."

--Clare MacQueen, Publisher, KYSO FLASH

"Gilmore's work shows us what the flash form does best and that is dramatizes life's flashes, moments when we glimpse something startling in a park or in a neighbor's window or a friend's face, there for an instant, never repeated or explained."

--Michael Pritchett, Review Review. Author, The Melancholy Fate of Capt. Lewis

"Gilmore is deft at creating a story (or call it a poem, if you will) that squeezes what might have been an entire page worth of prose into a short paragraph packed with concrete imagery, wherein each word carries weight which it passes on to the next word, the next sentence, subsection, flashback, fast-forward....Many of Gilmore’s stories have... surprising humor....Other stories are tender or bittersweet or jarring in their fatalistic candor....But all are interesting, and, more importantly, ruthlessly honest and well worth your time."

--Duff Brenna, author, The Book of Mamie, winner AWP Award for Best Novel

" Are poets allowed to write poems this pleasurable to read, this entertaining?... Dan Gilmore’s stories are fierce and memorable and, in at least one case, “Seebreeze,” absolutely masterful. This is the kind of book one stays up late at night reading."

--Steve Kowit, author of In the Palm of Your Hand

"Dan Gilmore writes with a lacerating humor that turns on itself to pour salt into the cut and make us cry."

--Meg Files, author of Meridian 144 and Write from Life

"Dan Gilmore’s writing is like good sex: deep, inspiring, unexpected, at times exhausting, and necessary. I love to read his poems and monologues aloud because the characters and moments are so tasty."

--Cythia Meier, Co-Founder of The Rogue Theatre


The Books


Just Before Sleep: Haibun Stories

  Just Before Sleep is a collection of 23 tiny stories fused with poems, each no more than a page long, by award-winning author Dan Gilmore. More Information

A Howl for Mayflower

  Aging widower Tobias Seltzer prefers to spend his time with dead authors rather than live, but flawed, humans. That is, until the night... More Information

Panning for Gold: New & Selected Poems

  In Dan Gilmore's deliciously readable poems are poems that read as simply and gracefully as the best anecdotal fiction; we learn... More Information

Love Takes a Bow

  Love Takes a Bow celebrates love in all its forms - from the first kiss of childhood to the last at death, from the loss of a pet ... More Information

Season Tickets

  Season Tickets is a collection of three prize-winning stories and twenty-six narrative poems arranged in three parts to tell the story of a life... More Information

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